Photo Shoot at Corners: Let's Get Physical

Last Wednesday I had another photo shoot for the PR-y project at Corners (click on the link to see me in action). Today was a little different as they had a physical instruction come to do some exercise with the artists. It was held at their gallery nearby and overall, the mood was good.We were a little cramped, but not matter, everyone had a good time, I think. After the exercise was done, I went up to the second floor to talk with Kasatani-san, the project's director, and Takako-san, Corners' director. They had laid out some, but not all, of Makoto's painting, especially his Ballerina series. It was quite impressive.

After, I went to SoHo Gallery where I met some of the other photographers, while Kasatani-san and Takako-san also showed up separately. They had only good words for my picture, which is always nice to hear even I don't let head get too big.

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday, enjoy!

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