I think it's funny

Tonight I took some shots in preparation for the photo course I'll offer in September. I took out my first DSLR, the wonderful Nikon D40 to shoot my 'professional' D700. Yeah, the bigger one has more megapixels, D-lighting adjustments and many other functions I rarely use or are not that important (the ISO performance and FX sensor are spectacular, though), but the D40 still produces shots that I use for magazines and private requests. Coupled with my 70-300mm lens, because of its smaller sensor, the lens effectively becomes a 105-450mm! Six megapixels is more than enough in 99% of the cases, and the 1/500s sync flash is very handy when shooting one-handed or wanting to really 'freeze the action'. It's pretty sad that other 'superior' Nikons since then only have a max sync speed of 1/250s (other companies are the same, or worse).

In any case, at the end I thought it'd be fun to take a picture of the tiny (i.e. lightweight, so very convenient) D40, dwarfed by the 24-70mm f/2.8 and the SB-600 strobe. It may be past its prime, but the D40 is still a great camera; if only my Tokina 20-35 worked on it, it'd be with me much more often.


  1. I should check to see if my D50 has a higher sync speed than my D90. Thanks for the post...time to dust off my D50. :)

  2. I checked and the D50 does have a 1/500s sync speed.