Lovely Timing

There are some Japlish expressions, borrowed words from English that have entered the Japanese lexicon without necessarily keeping the original meaning, which I don't know if I like or dislike. Lovely timing is one of them, and it means timely (macho is another one, and here it means muscular).

Today, I had a good dose of lovely timing. As I got out of my morning w*rk, I noticed that the ground was wet from a small shower, and as I looked up the sky, I did notice it was pretty grey. I continued walking towards the station and a few drops fell. I got into the station, perused the photo magazine section of a bookstore, and when I got on the platform, it was raining cats and dogs. Thank you rain for sparing me, especially since I was out for the day.

When I got to Nipponbashi in Osaka, of course it was sunny, sweltering and humid, the perfect weather for some Japanese curry. Then, I went to the SoHo Gallery for the opening of the Fotografika exhibition. Great pictures all around, including some surprising shots from more one friend.  Tsuyoshi, a photographer friend, got there just a few moments before I had to leave. What a shame, but we'll be able to meet again this Saturday.

Well, here are some shots of the lovely rain this morning.

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