Day 4: Generous People

Day four saw my team being split in many occasions, which allowed me to work and talk with different people. The work for me was essentially the same, and as everyone is getting used to work needed, new solutions are discovered and efficiency improves.

Of course the families we help vary alot, some with kids, others way past retirement age. But one thing that doesn't change is their gratitude and generosity. Even if they've lost so much, they always offer us refreshments

We were told not to accept presents, but we believe that refusing them would hurt their feelings. From a Japanese point of view, most of them are probably feeling guilty for having complete strangers, foreigners on top of it, come and work for free.

Today a woman brought us cola, energy drinks and hot tea during the day. In this case it was almost too much, but if you accept it once, it's impossible to decline later.

Tomorrow is already our last day. Of course I look forward to seeing my family very much, but I will be sad to leave. Even if the work is a little hard and not particularly intellectually challenging, it's never difficult to pick up my shovel or gloves and dig some sludge up. I mean, what do I have to complain, really?

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