Day 3: My Name Is Sludge

Day three continued as it had ended yesterday, although I was quite more refreshed after buying some kid puzzle foam mats to sleep on. We left camp earlier, hit less traffic, and since we already had a list of houses to go, we could get around to work quicker.
My half of the team started up at the house that we couldn't finish yesterday, while the other half cleared, as best as they could, a shed in which the sludge hadn't dried at all. As Marty suggested, the authorities should tell the residents to open their doors and windows to facilitate the dry-up.
We finished those in the morning, broke for lunch, and then attacked another house where we had to tear the floorboards and remove the mudcake under. As we gained efficiency with experience, and because we didn't have to bag it, we finished that house in 2 1/2hrs, just in time for the 15:30 official cut-off time. The owner let me take pictures, which I'll use to make a time-lapse video.
Much to the surprise of the relief organisers, we've basically finishedthe original list they gave our group. But I'm sure they'll find more stuff for us to do.
Well, as the picture shows, time to get clean.

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  1. Sounds like they need more people like your group! You're obviously getting things accomplished. Thanks for taking the time with these blog posts.