Sennichimae Photo Contest Ceremony

Yesterday Saturday was the unveiling ceremony of the Sennichimae Photo contest, in which I got one of the 3 prized mention. It was a little cool in the shopping arcade where it was held, and later during the event I regretted declining some hot pads to keep my hands warm. Representatives from the sponsors were there, and perhaps a little surprisingly, the speeches weren't too long.

It was a little funny as the grand prize winner is married to an American, and I'm Canadian! Of course my acceptance speech was pretty dismal, as I struggled with my Japanese and forgot an important part of my so-called funny story about the shot. But, oh well, there'll always be next time!

Women especially were cooing over Kazuma Alexis, who slept through the whole thing. If you wish to see the picture, follow this link to know the exact location; it's basically across the boulevard from Bic Camera in Minami. Here are some shots of the day.

The unveiling of my picture
About half the winners

The prizes: certificate, CD with some info, envelope with
cash prize and a box of Japanese sweets
The super models in front of their shot

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  1. Bravo..... from Rony Diaz