About the Quake

Let me first start out by saying that my family and friends are all safe. I have the chance to live in Osaka, which is quite far from the devastation and possible dangers. I'll be joining different events to support the victims of this terrible force of nature, I hope you'll do the same.

Part of me would really love to travel up there to document what is going on, but now that I'm partly responsible for another life, the decision to stay here was pretty easy to take. Anyways, the big news agencies already have access to fantastic shots; if I went there, I'd just be taking food, shelter and electricity from people in need.

For those who might be interested, here's the latest information on how the earthquake affected the Japanese camera makers. Luckily, it seems that physical damage aside, no real damage,  i.e. deaths and serious injuries, occurred within their companies. But for you out there obsessed with getting your hands on the latest technology, patience might be in order. Instead, I recommend investing money on some books, like this one if you're new to shooting in manual mode, this one if you want to improve composition, this one if you want to become more creative in the widest sense of the word, and finally this one if you wish to take your photography to the art level. Buying all of them will not benefit Japan's economy, but it will most likely cost you less and benefit you more than buying the latest camera/lens.

I have yet to find the best way to support the victims of the earthquake (be mindful of fake charities or big organization whose operating costs take away some/much of your donation). As soon as it is possible, I'll be dumping a big stack of clothes and non-perishable to the appropriate organization.

I have finished retouching the pictures I took of my student Tomoko, and I'm waiting for her approval to show you the results. Otherwise, my photoshoot with Diane for the Soho Gallery Fotografika is scheduled for next Tuesday. Basic exposure and composition were determined on reconnaissance missions, here's an outtake and its B/W rendition using a quadtone.

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