Takedao Art Tunnel Event 2010

My friend Charles-Eric, whom I talked about early in the entry on the Rooftop Improvisations, is organizing this year again the Takedao Art Tunnel Event. It takes place in an abandoned train tunnel along a river in Hyogo prefecture. It will features art of all descriptions, including dance, music, installations and photography.

I'll be publicly presenting for the first time pictures from my Machine Death project, which explores our relationship with machines, when these days we throw them away remorselessly, while in a not so far future, some of them could well be endowed with intelligence quite close to our own. This project is ongoing, as I shoot discarded things as I find them. They probably are some of my most violent pictures, something I didn't really know was inside of me.

With some luck, my installation will also feature demo songs of the soundtrack that my friend Sylvain Esteve is creating specifically for this photo project. I haven't heard anything yet, but it should be quite interesting, I'm sure. I've basically given him carte blanche on this project, although we talked about basic directions before.

The event will start around 15:30 and officially finish around 22:30, although many people will stay overnight. I should get there early afternoon to set up, and will stay until the evening. I'm not planning on staying all night, though.

To get there, take the JR train from Amagasaki towards Sanda/Sasayama. It is the 3rd stop after Takarazuka. From the station, walk along the river for about 10 minutes, first on a road and then on a hiking path. The trail is pretty popular so it should not be hard to find. While still in the 'town', there a little mom & pops shop where you can buy some snacks and drinks.

I hope to see you there and talk about nothing and everything.

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