Velcro by The Meter

I went to a DIY store this morning to buy some velcro for my gels. I love the name they gave it in Japan, magic tape! I would argue that all tape is magic, but that's another thing. By the way, my grandfather played with the concept of adhesive tape before it was released. He always liked to tinker with things, and I guess that's where my new fascination with building and arranging strobes come from.

In any case, coming back to the velcro, unbeknownst to be, you can buy it by the meter, choosing which sides you want. It makes sense that you can buy it like this, but it was a surprise nonetheless. At ¥320 per meter, it is much more economical than buying packed strips. After some considerations, I think I should have bought both sides, but I can always go back, it is not very far. I'll upload some shots of my fitted gels in the next few days.

By the way, this idea came from www.strobist.com, an excellent site if you are exploring the world of off-camera flashes. It's unbelievable the amount of FREE information on the site. Online photography schools charge you for less information, although pros will review assignment pictures. The strobist is all about DIY, and thus it fits my style very much. I have not finished reading through his lessons.

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