Photo Shoot with Yoko

Today during and after w*rk, I took pictures of my assistant, Yoko. OK, I haven't been shooting people for years on end, but I have never photographed someone who was so natural in front of the camera. This time I was using my zoom lens, but even when I took pictures of her with my normal lens last week, less than a meter away, she never shied away from the camera and always looked straight on. Amazing! I think she's a natural at this. The first shot was taken at dusk with sun setting in the background (that's the orange hue in the background) with my softbox, while the second one was taken in the afternoon from our w*rkplace where the windows are textured and a little polished, creating a beautiful diffused light.

She confided that as a kid she would jump in front of a camera any time one was around, and it certainly shows. She has joined my company this month, and we've only worked, let alone shot, together for less than that, and every time I take the camera out for a planned or impromptu shoot, she readily accepts and looks great all the time. I can only wish that all my models will be like her in the future!

And mind you, she had a cold today and still looked this good. We had thought about going to my friend Sylvain's bar to do a photo shoot, but as she was sick, of course I obliged and let her go home. Expect some more pictures of her in the future! Thank you very much, Yoko.

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  1. I am so jealous! SO BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! Wow!