They're Here

Came from the HHH tonight and found my gels packs in the mailbox. I ordered them form Midwest Photo Exchange (MPE) and the service was FAST! I'm really glad I didn't order the more expensive service. It came in an envelope, which might explain the expedient delivery. Prior to ordering, I had inquired about ETA and price for delivery, received two different quotes, and when I did order I got a third quote. Using the e-mail from the cheapest quote (in this case, delivery time was not an issue), my order was processed, shipped and delivered in less than week. No complaints from me here! It was my first time ordering from them, and I am more than satisfied.

And I am very pleased with the products I got. Adorama does offer a cheaper sample pack of Roscoe gels, but being a sample pack, you only have enough of each gel for one strobe, if it's head isn't too big (it might not fit all strobes). The MPE packs on the other hand gives you enough acreage for 3-5 strobes, with the ability to easily put on some velcro at the ends of the strips to attach on you equipment. To each, her/his own, I'm delighted with what I got.

I guess I will go to bed soon so I can wake up early and have time to play around with my new toys tomorrow morning. Sweet dreams are made of colored strobes...

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