When it Rain it Snows, I Don't Know Why

And so goes the life of the freelancer, not that I really complain; my throat would have long been slit had I kept that desk job at (fill in the blank) cell phone company.

Humm, where to start.

Well, artistically speaking, please come to SoHo's Fotografika from next Tuesday. I'll be showing one of my most ambitious picture ever. Thank to my yet to be un-named model, and my great wife, who allowed me to do the shoot - alone with my female model - in a location usually associated with other business (for me, it was cheap studio space, really). Anyways, I really like the shots, I hope you will too.

On the family side, I shot the pre-nupt pictures of my brother-in-law last week. I didn't feel so good doing it since the hotel where they'll hold the reception had a photographer assigned (don't bite the hand of the people in your own field, me says). My brother liked some of my shots better, I'm just happy to make the new couple happier.

Finally, through one of my photo courses, I've been to commissioned to write and shoot about Osaka's nightlife. The pay is good, but I feel more gratified to showcase the city I live in ('she sees my good deeds') and that I adore. I'll have 4 or 5 articles on official websites, of course I'll let you know about them when they come out.

In the mean time, here's a shot my son took last Saturday. Positive thoughts to the little one, in the hospital, getting his mojo back from pneumonia. See ya soon, little spud.

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