Fotografika V

Today was the start of Fotografika V:Awakenings at SoHo Gallery. The exhibition looks great! I haven't had the time to really look at all the pictures but some standouts include Seal Pool's and Kit Pancoast's. I was also impressed with Tessei's, whose pictures were quite unlike I had seen from him.

As for my shots, they were a sort of 'awakening': I built props, shot in a love hotel (way cheaper than a photo studio, with interesting decor, although it implied serious discussions with my understanding wife), and a half naked model. It isn't a nude shot, we only see her bare back (above the waistline), and I'm quite pleased with the result.

As with most SoHo exhibitions, I should be there most early afternoons from about 12 to 2pm. I hope you can make it. See you there!

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