Brother-in-Law's Wedding

For the first time in over 11 years in Japan, I've been invited to the main wedding ceremony. A typical Japanese wedding might start with a ceremony at the shrine in the morning, then a Western ceremony, complete with fake priest, at chapel in a hotel, followed by a banquet in the hotel. After, there is a second party for friends at large, the main ceremony being reserved for family, close friends and business partners (who actually get the honor seats at the front, the families sitting at the back), and often many will go thirds, fourths and so on.

Well, my brother-in-law kept it a little simpler, skipping the shrine. The chapel ceremony and banquet were quite extravagant actually. He asked me to take pictures during the day, a first for me. Although I'm used to covering events, weddings are different, and I was glad there was an 'official' photography as well since I didn't know all the cues and special moments.

At the second party, I installed old faithful on a tripod with a soft box in a makeshift studio for the participants to have fun with. As it was their first time experiencing it, people didn't go too crazy this time. I guess I'll need to provide props and costumes next time for them to loosen up a bit more.

At the third party, in a karaoke box, I lent old faithful to the group, and one member in particular really got a kick out of using it, shooting the french fries, his bag, his feet...

All in all, a long and exhausting day, but quite interesting too. I haven't really had the chance to look and enhance the pictures I got. I chose this one for privacy issues. Enjoy!

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