OEFF Wednesday

Today was the last day of the festival. After little sleep, I went back to the Hotel Elsereine. Fatigue started to really affect some volunteers, but not to the point of giving inadequate service. One of the most interesting thing was seeing Thierry Faber reaction to the attention he was getting; he is 'only' a film editor, he is not used to the spotlights, but I feel he wouldn't mind getting more! I think most remaining guests and volunteers probably went out for dinner but I declined, having some editing of my own to do tonight for their website, needing to wake up early tomorrow morning, and most importantly, wanting to see my son for more than a few minutes!

Well, I hope you enjoy my posts and you should be able to see some pictures on the OEFF website in the near future. The picture below is of the Kindergarten program where children learned about cinema through animation, getting the chance to do some stop-animation; since it was for children of all ages, I joined, too!

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