Kameraoke 6

You have less than two weeks to enter Kameraoke 6 and record pictures of the six senses! Having woken up at some ungodly hour and not being able to fall asleep, I decided to take the first train to Sumaurakoen station to explore a sea platform I thought could be a good location for long exposures. As I was paying my access (What? ¥200? At least it's cheaper than ¥1,200, what fishers need to shell out), I noticed beautiful colors in the sky, but they sadly disappeared as I was making my way along the wharf. Oh well, the colors weren't the main purpose of my visit, although they could become it on a future visit. I looked around and found some great angles to shoot. I may end up using one of the shots under the theme 6th sense. Here's an view of the ensemble. As T-800 said: "I'll be back."

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