FAM: Final Lesson

Today concluded the first edition of the FAM course (From Auto to Manual Master Mode) with my guinea pigs. We focused on chasing the light from different angles and worked with light modifiers like reflectors and filters. They all learned a lot, we all had a great time, they gave me positive feedback and insightful ideas to improve it, I had them use some the stuff I have and maybe encouraged them to buy some stuff (mostly a polarized filter), so really, there's not much more we could ask for. We finished at a small restaurant by the river where we enjoyed some cold drinks and nice food, including deep-fried boar and deer (maybe would have been better grilled to preserve the taste, but it was good nonetheless)!

Here are some shots I took during the day. Enjoy!

Waiting for the guys at the station (JR Takedao)

Nathan using the rail to get his shot

This lesson was about seeing the light, at the end of the tunnel or not 

While getting our refreshments, beautiful sunset skies

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