The Move

Last Friday we moved into our new house, on the other side of the tracks, although I'm not sure which side is the bad one, if any. Here are some snapshots, mostly taken with my cellphone, save for the first one; luckily I had already set my camera equipment, so I was able to grab my macro lens quickly.

I got there before the movers and someone
had come to greet us; how thoughtful.
Two 2-ton trucks were sufficient...

for 98% of our remaining stuff

They used a ladder (!) to bring up...

our dresser and fridge.

Nice light in the dinning-living area

And the kitchen ain't so bad either.

In the evening we went to the Kaguhashi shrine near our old place for their summer festival. Kaz was enthralled by the music and dance.

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  1. C'est super beau votre maison!!!! On veut plus de photos de Kazuma dans son nouvel environnement!