First Shoot for PR-y

This morning I went to Corners to photograph Koh-chan and the other artists. With hindsight, one thing that strikes me is the way they reacted to me. Of course some were quite shy with the new stranger, but that was it; I was just a stranger, not a gaijin stranger. I must admit that I did not feel so comfortable at first, mostly because I was the new guy. Being a relatively closed circle, that's quite understandable, and everyone made their best to make me feel at home.

Koh-chan was not in a great mood today, as others, probably because of the heat. Mami-chan encouraged him to draw some more, but he was very sleepy and at some point just laid on the floor. And as we got better acquainted, he even sang me the ABC song; that was very sweet. Mami-chan especially enjoyed serving us tea and snacks, and the homemade cookies were very nice indeed. I look forward to the next shoots as I know better what to expect and a little bit more about the routine and quirks of the artists.

The name of the project, PR-y, is meant to represent both PR and the word 'pry', as through their art, we hope the artist will enter society. I think art is a very good means, as it allows communication and self-expression, both essential in everyday life. Here are some shots, mostly untouched, of the morning. I can't show you their faces, you'll just have to wait for the book!

Koh-chan at work

His clock seems important somehow

Trains, train, and more trains; mind you, many
'normal' adults are obsessed with them, too...

I saw your picture in a magazine

Next to where Mami served us tea
Mami-chan's drawings

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