Better Busy Than Bored

Sorry for the lack of regular posts recently, but with my recent move and new w*rk, I've been pretty busy recently.

Today I met with Kasa to discuss the shoots at Corners, an art center for people with disabilities. We exchanged some good ideas, and apparently some of mine were very similar to one of the other photographers, Rob Walbers, who also happens to be gaijin like me; I don't know if there's any connection or not. Check out his blog, he has some really great night shots.

As I like to shoot for more than creating pretty pictures, this is a perfect match for all of us. I'll mostly work with Koh-chan, who copies - with his own twists - music scores. Apparently, while he was a baby, construction was made next to his house and the noise made him cry a lot. So his mother constantly played classical music for him. As he grew up, he started learning the piano and fell in love with the score sheets.

Because of the subject, especially Koh-chan's art, I'm thinking about editing my shots into B/W, and Kasa is fine with this. But I'm unsure yet as we will let the project evolve organically. The book will probably be published next January, as Kasa wants shots of the exhibition which will be held at this year's Candle Night in December. The first shoot is this Friday.

Well, although I've been busy recently, I have been firing some shots. Here are some random ones.

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