Rain, Rain, don't go away, little Jean-Yves wants to play

I visited a few galleries late afternoon Saturday and got soaked. Some were closed, and the opened ones had some great exhibitions. At gallery 22 Tu-tu the photographer was surprised to learn that I had lived on the street where one of his shot was taken. Gallery Beats, which is hard to find and worth the effort, had a BIG OSAKA group exhibition featuring amongst others Banri, whom I had met at Soho's Night group show. All print are BIG, I encourage you to go if you have the time today Sunday (last day).

I could be mistaken but it seems that this years is the rainiest rain season I've experienced in almost 10 years in Japan. But armed with my camera and with Soho's next group exhibition's them of water, I'm not complaining. By the way, I believe they still have some room for photographers to join, while Lou Camino's photo tree also has many slots opened for the seventh generation. Everyone is encouraged to join, whatever you feel your skills are.

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