Return on The OEFF and The Kameraoke Party

The Osaka Euro Film Fest took place last week, and sorry for not posting any pictures. It was a busy weekend, and the little time I spent at home, I used for sleeping and playing with my son. But you can see some of my shots on the festival's public Facehook page.

As always, the festival was a great opportunity to see friends I don't see so often, as well as meet new and interesting people. Two of the guests I talked with the most were husband and wife György Pálfi and Zsófia Ruttkay, respectively director and screenwriter for the excellent Final Cut, a montage of over 400 movie scenes into a new movie, a real editing nightmare. But the result was outstanding, with Charlie Chaplin dancing on 'Staying on Alive' and Yoda as the lead's mother being some of the standouts that spring to mind.

The last night I went out to sushi with Sophie Heldman and Carina Wiese, director and actress of the somber, but thought-provoking Colors in the Dark. It tells the story of a man in his 70's who refuses treatment for his slow-growing prostate cancer, and the consequences his decision has on his family and entourage. Based on a true story, the ending is pretty surprising and leaves the viewer with many serious questions about growing old and one's parents. But Sophie and Carina were very amicable and the sushi dinner was very fun, if only to witness their excitement at the delicious food we ate.

Fast forward to tomorrow, it will be the Kameraoke 7 Party. The pictures from over 70 photographers will be displayed for one day only at Pinebrooklyn in Fukushima ward. A little contribution of a ¥1000 (to cover expenses like room rental and prints) will give you the opportunity to see and vote on what local photographers consider to be the 7 Wonders of Kansai. The atmosphere at the event is always quite jovial, and with so many pictures, it will be worth spending a bit of time exploring each of the 7 themes.  Doors open at 14:00, and I should be there with my little family sometime in the afternoon (probably after my son finishes his afternoon nap)! Come out and say Hi!

Lucky me (it depends on the point of view), I'm going there tonight Saturday to help with the first phase of the installation. Perhaps one of the picture I'll work with is this one, which I took at a little bazar held at the daycare center my son goes to, and that was the basis for the event's poster. Enjoy!

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