Portfolio Shoot

Last Friday I had a photoshoot at Kouzu shrine in south Osaka. Ms. Kotani is an ink artist and wanted pictures of her art to make a portfolio. Her sketches depict some eternal themes, like parent-child relationships, and also many scenes from China. She also has some funnier paintings, including some of the meeting of Eastern and Western cultures trough holidays like Christmas and Halloween. If she allows me, I'll show you some here.

The technical photoshoot, making sure the lighting was adequate and the photo plane as flat as possible to avoid keystoning went pretty well, often with her lovely daughter laughing around watching a DVD or just running. I'm about done with the post-production, although I may have to go again for some additional shots. The next time her work is exhibited, I'll let you know.

 Kouzu shrine has many cherry blossoms trees and you are all encouraged to visit it the flowers will be in bloom. No blossoms had yet bloomed, as you can see from this King Camera shot.


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