Cosplay Parade

In Den Den Town today, the electronic town of Osaka famous for cheap electronics and maid cafés, was held the area's annual festival celebrating Cosplay, or costume play. People dress up in their favorite characters (or other stuff), mostly from Japanese anime and manga, and walk around while they are assailed by photographers of ALL descriptions.

We went out as a family, Kaz dressed up as Gatchapin and me as Demetan (or Kermit, it's up to you to decide). Sadly we missed the chance to meet with some friends; there'll always be next year (unless Mr. Hashimoto, Osaka's mayor, cuts the funding there too, as he has been with pretty much all cultural endeavors in the city...). With the huge crowd, navigating the baby car wasn't easy, whether Kaz was in it or not, so I didn't get too many shots. I hope you enjoy them anyways! Click to enlarge.


  1. Tsuyoshi Tagawa3/20/2012 10:13 PM

    What a kawaii Gatchapin he is!
    He is the best cosplayer this year.
    I feel I missed a lot that I couldn't find you guys in the cloud.
    Hope that we have this event next year too, so I can see you in costumes again!

  2. Ahhh, classe les costumes. Ton bout de chou est trop mignon !

  3. Merci, thanks. I wish we would have met, for sure. There'll always be next year (but that time around, you need costumes, too)!