Pirate BBQ

The Pirates of the Dotombori were back onstage last night at Tins's Hall in Tennoji. The festivities started around 6pm with a delicious BBQ prepared by the establishment's chef. I had the lamb, which tender, juicy and delicious. I doubt I could have cooked better myself.

Then, around 8pm, the Pirates boarded the stage and amused the crowd with their antics. Forward-Reverse, Schoolyard Insult and Superheroes were some of the games they played, many of which I had never seen, even if it my third time seeing them. Again, a very fun evening, even if my head felt/feels like a ton due to a stupid summer cold (***ing hot to ***ing cold, ack to hot again, and so on). But no matter, it was great. Here's the final shot of the night.

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