Pecha Kucha Osaka vol.2

Mark your calenders, I will participate in the Pecha Kucha Night Osaka vol.2 on Saturday August 31st at Trois Dix organic restaurant in Kitahorie, Osaka. I will discuss photo documentary from my point of view, with a strong emphasis on the PR-y project. I'll do my best to be entertaining, informative, funny and not a complete embarrassment to humanity. Get there early as there is only 100 seated space, and these events tend to fill up pretty quickly. I don't know yet who the other presenters will be, but I'm sure they'll be rather entertaining (check this previous post for a hint of what to expect).

Pecha Kucha nights were started 10 years ago in Tokyo (not all is bad there...) and consist of presentations by people from various backgrounds, usually related to design in one way or another. The format is fairly strict, though: we must show 20 slides, each shown for 20 seconds, making everyone's presentation last 6:40. Since its inception, the concept has traveled all around the world, with events taking place in over 600 cities. They are a great chance to "think and drink" as the creators say.

Hope to see you here in Osaka!


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