Art Salad 2013: Then I find, just the right thing

These days I've been feeling a little bit like Dj Shadow when he used to use samples only to create his masterpieces. He will go down history as the first person to record an album composed exclusively of samples (got in the Guinness book of record for it). In his Right Thing, he talks about the frustration of not finding the right cassette for his mood, although I think he referred more to not being able to find the right beat for his song.

For Art Salad 2013, I'm doing a montage of a few pictures, and it has proven hard to find the final shot. Unlike a painter or designer, I can't just draw whatever is in my mind; I need to find it and photograph it. Painters are right in saying that photographers 'just' capture what is there. But we actually do need to find 'it', we can't just take out our brushes and do it.

This morning, after dropping my little man at the day care center, I went to shoot two prospects, out of which I got some good shots. But then, a little by chance, I found my right thing. After, it was just a matter of sitting in front of the computer and doing the final assembly. And I can say that I'm pretty happy with it. Yeah!

To see it though, you'll need to come down to SoHo Gallery from June 18th to 23rd. As always, I don't know how often I'll be able to be there, although I should go most early afternoons. Hope to see you then!

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