AED Course

Yesterday Sunday I joined a CPR and AED course given by my friend Nick, who had organised the volunteer trip to Tohoku two years ago. He is certified by the City of Osaka to give such a course, and it was really informative. The best part was of course learning CPR and AED usage. Watching CPR on TV and actually doing it are quite different. I hadn't realised how hard one actually needs to push when trying to resuscitate someone. Location is important, rhythm too, and of course I had no actual idea of how to use an AED kit.

Obviously practice and the real thing aren't the same. But I certainly feel more prepared to intervene should I get confronted to such a situation. Thanks a lot Nick, I'm really glad I got up early on Sunday morning to do it.

Hopefully, with the pictures that I took, I'll manage to convince Kansai Scene to do an article to promote Nick's training program. In the meantime, grab the April issue, there's a two-page spread of my cherry blossom pictures inside. Enjoy!

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