PR-y Atelier Corners: October 4, 2012

Along with Kasatani-san and Miyuki-san, I went to Atelier Corners for the first time in a few months, this time expressly to shoot pictures. The plan is to release another book next year, although the concept   is not decided and it will probably branch out a little.

It was great to see everyone again, and the atmosphere did not change much from last time. Although I have been there a number of times, I did notice a few dynamics between the people that I had not seen before; whether these are recent or I was blind to them before, I'm uncertain. The artists were pretty excited at first, and there was some hearty laughter from all in the first hour. With time, things calmed down a little, although Hiroki's enthusiasm did not diminish. He really enjoyed taking pictures with my camera, and you can see lower what his favorite subject was.

By the way, from tomorrow Oct. 6 until the 16th, there is a photo exhibition at the Ashitano Gallery by photographers and other people who took their Makoot dolls around the world and took pictures of them in different places. The opening party is on the 6th, from 3pm. Most Corners artists will be there and I'll try to swing by after my son's first Sports Festival.


Mami was happy as always
Makoto washes the cups as Hiroki plays
in the background 

New Corners keychains

The nicest smile I've ever seen on Koji

A little break (or dance?) for Koji
Good friends

Is this Makoot doll going to make it to an exhibition?

Humm, what score to use?

Photo by Makoto

Photo by Hiroki, my legs!

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