Cleaning Time

With a day basically off today and with some important shoots coming, I decided to have three of my lenses cleaned, as well as some maintenance on my camera: they cleaned the sensor, replaced the rubber gripped that were coming undone, and unbent my hot shoe that made inserting and removing a flash difficult. All of this for less than ¥5000. And this was not done by some amateur shop or something, it was done by Nikon at their service counter in Osaka. It's fantastic to have one in the city, as their work is always guaranteed and usually pretty quick.

After dropping off my stuff, I met Tsuyoshi, a photographer friend who was coming in for basically the same reason. I then stopped by Yodobashi Camera to check light stands, but they didn't have anything interesting. I guess I'll need to order from the net, which is fine with me since it's cheaper. After lunch (excellent mabo-dofu) and getting IQ84, I picked up my stuff and went home. There, I repaired the net of a door, then picked up my son at the day-care center.

Once home, he played in the baby bath outside to cool off, while I took some snaps with my DC 135mm F/2. It truly is a wonderful portrait lens. After dinner, we went for a small ride, and couldn't resist getting this shot. Enjoy!

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