Thank You & Please Come

Yesterday Monday my Body Art: Capoeira exhibition ended at Ands Tartines. I was told by the staff that my exhibition, especially the opening party, was perhaps the most popular yet. My guestbook has quite a few entries, and everyone I talked to said they liked the pictures (but I don't know if they would have told me otherwise)! Thanks for the space, Ands, and I hope we can do more together in the future.

Then today is the start of Soho Gallery's Art Salad. I went there early this afternoon, and the room was quite full compared to Fotografika. This time around, there are about 45 people showing their art, and it is a bit overwhelming, although stimulating. I got the chance to talk with some of the other artists, and I received for my piece 'Black Swan: Becky' some constructive criticism, which is always welcomed. I should be there most days early in the afternoon, please come on down to say hi. Enjoy!

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