Possessed to Skate

Tonight I went out again shooting for the Kameraoke contest. On the way to my location, I stopped by a ramen restaurant, although I ordered jajamen, which is noodles with a sauce similar to the mapo tofu one. I could order from spiciness levels 1 through 10 and settled on 7. I think I could have gone for 10, actually, but it burn a little. I took a picture of the empty bowl and will submit it in the burnt category of Kameraoke.

I arrived at my location but struggled to find the composition I wanted. While I was shooting, a skateboarder was attempting boardslide-to-transfers on a very uneven surface, and when discouraged I decided to stop shooting my original shots, I got up the nerve to talk to him and ask if I could take shots. As a snowboarder, I have an affinity with skaters and thought I could use one of the shots of Imo-san in the my generation category. Good for me, I was carrying a strobe and used it off camera for the shots. I might use the second one as my big city living entry.

Another important skill photographers need, and it is related to yesterday's creativity entry, is the ability to adapt to situations. My composition eye for architecture was nil tonight. But I switch my mind to shooting action, and I think the shots are pretty decent. I doubt you'll ever see these shots in a skateboarding magazine any time soon, but I think that if I dedicated some time, I could produce some pretty interesting work for such outlet.

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