Kansai Scene 10th Anniversary Party

As previously mentioned, last night was Kansai Scene's 10th Anniversary party at Sam & Dave Umeda. The punters were hot, the special guests were burning, and the prizes were off the scale. DJ Jules warmed the crowd that wasn't used to such an early call for a Friday night (doors opened at 8pm). Later, MC Woody came out to introduce Crazy for The Mambo, and 8-piece latin influenced band, whose playlist went from straight-up mambo to Michael Jackson and Queen, all latin style.

Next were the sensual moves of Arthur Murray's dance school proteges, who dazzled the onlookers. Their performance brought the room near the boiling point for the rest of the evening, which included fantastic prizes by the aforementioned dance school, the Ramada Inn Osaka, and Malaysian Airlines. Games determined the winners, with Woody and special guest MC Diane Orrett providing the entertainment. Malaysian Airlines gave some consolation prizes, as well as the main draw, a trip to and a 3-night stay in red-hot Bangkok (hopefully the ticket is sort of open ended)!

After a mama-cherry (old woman's bicycle, the most common type of bikes around) was awarded, the regular Sam & Dave DJ came on the decks, to the joy of the crowd of regulars. The Kansai Scene folks stayed around, Diane continued to do balloon hats for friends and strangers, and we had a few drinks together, talking about this and that. We both realized that we were sitting on a chair at this club for the first time ever, and she's been in Kansai for more than twice the time that I have!

All in all, it was a great evening, and you can see some of the pictures here, which again contain some coloured flash shots.


  1. Who is that beautiful lady who won the Bangkok trip?

  2. Thanks for the reply Jean-Yves. If you come across her name,please let me know. Thanks very much.

  3. Well, you're an anonymous poster...

  4. She's my girlfriend, so it doesn't matter what her name is. Bangkok baby

  5. Glad for you guys. I'll send her the shots, there were some moments there!