Transnational Art 2013: Days 2-3-4

It's a good thing I hadn't made a promise that I'd give you an update everyday...

The last three days went well, although since I was only present in the morning, in my view not some many people came, although people do keep coming (I'm not sure what busy actually looks like). I'm told things get busier in the afternoon, especially when offices start closing. If you can, I recommend coming early to avoid crowds and have a better chance to speak with the artists.

The morning smaller crowds allowed me to wander through the exhibitions, admire the art, and speak with some of the artists and organizers. I've had some really interesting conversations with many, giving me feedback and vice versa.

Today Saturday should see bigger crowds, especially with the afternoon events: from 1pm artists and people from galleries will giving a series of art talks. Then, from about 3pm there'll be some performances: Balinese dance, contemporary dance with live music and finally live Japanese calligraphy. Don't miss them!

Here are some shots from the last few days.
The sign notwithstanding, many people don't
look inside, something I need to address

One of Mr. Sunami's piece, with reflection of IP's painting

Micah Gampel & Peter Macintosh with their photographs

Ran & Julien of B;[logy] admiring the paintings

Black Swan Marlon and I

Someone looking in my manga

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